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Why choose a funeral celebrant? 

At a time when emotions are heightened due to the loss of a loved one and when words don't seem enough to express the feelings inside, it can be helpful to turn to someone who can naturally empathise with you and has a maturity of understanding.

I can help portray the life and times of your loved one within the context of his or her wishes and the wishes of the family as well as conduct a beautiful and timely service. There are no rules, and no set patterns.  There are many options open to you but the most important thing is that you may include whatever you wish. It is entirely up to you. 

I will support you from our very first meeting to the end of the service.


The ceremony will focus on celebrating and/or reflecting the life of your loved one and the tribute will be respectful and highly personal. 

'Grief and love are conjoined, you don't get one without the other - Jandy Nelson'

'A celebrant led funeral is wonderfully healing. It is a celebration of life that has been, and a time of love and reflection.'   


My initial meeting with you

I will come to your home or a place of your choice to meet you, family and close friends. If you would prefer the meeting could be conducted over the telephone, by email, zoom or whats app video chat. The meeting will usually last up to 2 hours and during this time we will discuss your wishes and requirements for your loved ones special goodbye.   We will chat about your loved one and you can tell me everything you would like to share about their background, beliefs, values and idiosyncrasies so that I can really understand who they were. I will sit with you and take the time to listen to your memories of your loved one and talk about the way you would want to honour and celebrate his/her life. We will discuss and agree any contributions from family or friends who may want to pay their respects during the service with poems, or readings. We will also cover the music you wish to be played during the service. There are no set rules on format, just what works best for you. My aim is to ensure that the funeral service brings the family and friends some comfort on the day and also in the years ahead.  

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The Eulogy 


There is nothing I like more than to listen to your stories about your loved one to gauge their character, the things you loved most about them, the laughs, and lasting memories and insight into what made them the person they were. The tribute may include such things as their early life, their childhood, their favorite pastimes, careers and places of work, any particular achievements, and musical tastes.  The eulogy will be guided by the wishes of the family in that they can be either celebratory in approach, reflective or a mixture of both.   I will create a draft service for you which I will forward, usually by email for your agreement .   

The funeral service
On the day of the service I will arrive at the venue in good time to allow for any last minute checks that need to be made verifying that the music is correct and everything is in place as it should be. I will then create a suitable atmosphere at this formal occasion and lead a fitting ceremony to celebrate your loved ones life. I will be on hand to step in if someone is unable to complete a spoken tribute due to the weight of emotion.   Directly after the ceremony, I will give you a paper copy of the complete funeral service
Additional options 


My celebrant service allows for one ceremony, either a standard crematorium ceremony or a graveside service. You may wish to have a reception at a hotel before we move to the chapel for a farewell or a short ceremony at the chapel of rest prior to the funeral for immediate family. .


Many people also like to consider a burial or interment of ashes or the scattering of ashes at a cemetery, crematorium, favorite beauty spot or at sea.   I will write and conduct a service during which the ashes are buried or scattered.    

Increasingly families also like to plan a future memorial service to commemorate a birthday or to remember the date a loved one passed away. This can be a lovely and meaningful way to honour the life of your loved one. 

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