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My Ministry

“We believe in the Oneness of All – Living, accepting, and respecting all with a forgiving heart leading to a life of Simplicity, Peace and Love”

Let me tell you a wee bit about me, my journey to the Open Sanctuary and my Ministry.

I am blessed to be a wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, celebrant and an Ordained Minister with the Open Sanctuary.  Prior to becoming a celebrant in 2021 I spent thirty five years of my working life in Social Housing, the last twenty five of those as a Chief Executive of a Housing Association, a post I loved with a passion. Little did I know that upon my retirement I would see myself retraining to become a celebrant, finding my true vocation and a path which led me to the Open Sanctuary to complete a life changing training course.  This culminated in my Ordination as an Interfaith Minister in September 2023.

I have a strong faith in so far that I believe that there is a Higher Power that exists within all of us and surrounds us for the greater good. To me that means God. That said, what I will not do as a Minister is preach religion or my faith to you but will respect and honour all faiths or none.  I firmly believe and respect that everyone is an individual with their own spiritual beliefs or without. What I will do is help you discern you core beliefs, listen to you and support you in their realisation making sure your ceremony is reflective of your values, is meaningful, sacred and filled with love, with a sprinkling of laughter. I am committed to serving individuals, couples and families in a very personal and respectful way building ceremonies around their wishes, personal beliefs and practices.  

Ceremonies that I provide are first welcomes, betrothals, final farewells, healing ceremonies and all life’s significant milestones in between. People describe me as a good listener, friendly warm and approachable with a good heart. With a wealth of life experiences, I deliver ceremonies from the heart striving to make each moment uniquely authentic.  I also provide within my Ministry guided meditation for spirituality, for healing and letting go, offering  a safe, tender place for deep inquiry & reflection - holding space of love, championing wholeness and witnessing without judgment. I also provide support to help tackle isolation and loneliness faced by adults in the Community through a one to one voluntary befriending service.

It has been a wonderful journey but it is only the first steps of a much longer journey still to come delivering my vow to strive to always be the safe port for anyone in a storm and to provide comfort, compassion and love to those who need it.  

With a wealth of life experience I delver ceremonies from the heart, striving to make each moment uniquely authentic.  

+44 7501453580 

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