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If you are looking for poems or readings I can help you with suggestions, or you can choose whatever you wish. These are a few of my own original poems 

The time has come for me to go.- Jean Thomson

 The time has come for me to go,

to a world beyond the one we know,

I go with the love of everyone here,

A lifetime of Memories we all hold dear,

The laughter, the music, the  love that we all share.

The flowers, the birds, the beauty everywhere,

I know you are sad that I am gone,

but don't let that sadness linger on,

Instead remember me and smile,

For we will meet again in a while,

In the meantime we must part, 

But I will live forever in your heart. 

O' Wonderous Flower- Jean Thomson

Forth from a seed a bud has grown,

nurtured by a bumblebee that's flown,

A beautiful flower emerged to bring,

Colour to match the butterfly's wings,

bringing love and joy to all who've seen, 

such wonder among the grass so green,

Blowing ever so gently in the breeze,

surrounded by the sun, the sky and seas,

The last of its petals softly fell,

Life goes on and all is well,

The wonderous flower has a tale to tell.


Forget me not - Jean Thomson

As I leave behind this world we know,

Please don't be sad as you watch me go,

I have lived a long and happy life,

with only a sprinkling of trouble and strife,

Like the mighty oak whose acorns shed,

I will live on where thy shall tread,

Embrace the wonder of life with each new dawn,

and the joy of my life will linger on,

Feel the warmth of the sun upon your skin, 

Hear my laughter deep in your thoughts within,

Sing out loud and let those tears subside,

I will always be by your side,

Remember the good times and the tears shall cease,

Mourn not me, I am at peace  

Inshalla. Ill be there- Jean Thomson

As you walk along the shore when the sun is high,

Listen to the birds and the seagulls cry

As you feel the wind upon your face,

This will be our special space,

As you sit in the garden with a book,

Make the effort to really look,

Embrace the beauty, take time to stare,

safe in the knowledge my love is with you everywhere,

look up to the sky to the brightest star,

Its me watching over you from afar,

Dance to the music, feel its beat,

Until the day once more we meet.

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