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Your Choice Of Funeral

Funerals are an immensely important part of the grieving process, enabling us to fully acknowledge and mark a death, bring people together to express their sorrow and to support one another.

The funeral needs to be right for you, for the family and other mourners and for your loved one who has passed away.  

"The  song has ended, but the melody lingers on" Irvine Berlin


You may choose to have the tribute at a hotel before moving to the cemetery for the committal.  Alternatively you may choose to have whole ceremony carried out at the graveside. 

After the funeral procession arrives at the burial ground the coffin will be carefully removed from the hearse and placed on planks above the grave while all of the mourners gather around it.

The order of the funeral service will be completely up to you. The service may include music, hymns, prayers, poems and readings from family and close friends. When it is time to say goodbye to your loved one the coffin is gently lowered into the grave by the pallbearers. You may scatter soil or throw flowers into the grave as it is lowered.  



The ceremony starts with an introduction moving onto the middle section which is largely made up of the tribute. guests or family may speak during this phase.  The committal will often be preceded by a time for quiet reflection with a poem, music, prayer or silence.  You may consider a ritual such as lighting a candle or offering a whiskey toast. After the committal final words round the event off and closes on a more hopeful note. 

The family and friends may move onto a pub or a hotel for a funeral tea and share memories of their loved one. Inside the crematorium the process of cremation begins. The ashes will be placed in a container for collection or internment or scattering in the garden of rest.   

Direct Cremations. Performed with all the care and dignity of a traditional cremation but with no service at the crematorium. This leaves the family free to arrange the tribute however and whenever you wish.   

Interment of Ashes


The interment of ashes is the procedure of placing cremation ashes in a permanent location.

You may wish to inter the ashes in a family burial plot if you already have one. If you don't have an existing plot, you will need to purchase an exclusive right of burial. Many natural burial grounds and woodland burial sites across the UK offer plots for the internment of ashes. If the service is being held at a natural burial site you will need to choose a biodegradable urn. The interment of ashes on private lands is legal as long as you have the landowners permission to do so.    

I will lead the service to accompany the interment of Ashes, helping to bring closure to friends and family who are saying their final goodbye to their loved one.

Scattering of Ashes


Nearly 80% of us choose to be cremated. Some of us leave instructions about what we would like to happen to our ashes afterwards and some leave it up to family and friends to decide.  There are many ways and places to scatter the ashes of your loved ones.  Ashes can be scattered almost anywhere in the UK, as long as you have permission from the landowner first. If you are thinking about scattering ashes at sea or on a river, you don't need a permit, but you should follow the Environment Agency's guidance. 

I will lead a scattering of Ashes ceremony bringing some closure for family and friends.   

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Living Eulogies


Making the decision to write your own obituary is a personal choice, and one that can be quite emotional, depending on the reason for writing  Most living eulogies are written by those who are terminally ill. Knowing that their time on earth is limited, they have the opportunity to write their own life story.  Writing your own ceremony may bring some peace of mind that you are prepared. If you are considering writing your own obituary I will be privileged to assist you to write your own ceremony and express your wishes in advance.     



A funeral service is a service held to memoralize a loved one with their body present.  A memorial service on the other hand is a service held to memoralize a deceased person with their body not present. The memorial service often takes place weeks or even months after the death has occurred. Increasingly memorial services are being held to commemorate the persons birthday or the date of their passing. 

There is no limit to where memorial services can be held with beaches, parks, restaurants, pubs, hotels and family homes being used as venues.   

A memorial service will typically last between 45 mins and 1 hours. There is no formal structure to a memorial service but you may choose to include music, readings, eulogies, and photo slide show. I will be happy to lead the service for you.  

Pet funerals 

Your fur babies and feathered friends are very much a part of the family. So much so that when our beloved pets sadly pass away they leave a huge gap in our lives. 

Holding a farewell ceremony to acknowledge your loss and celebrate the life of your pet can help you and the family, particularly children, find comfort and peace. I can help by creating a service which may include prayers, poetry or readings and even symbolic rituals (scattering of dry food, lighting a

candle, planting a tree, or placing a commemorative structure) I am happy to conduct the funeral service at your home, pet cemetery or woodland.     

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